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How root Lineage OS mobile phone

Lineage OS is the new Custom ROM which comes to relieve to CyanogenMod, which until now had been the most popular Custom ROM on the Android scene. The first official firmware versions of this ROM are now available. However, they arrive without including Root. You explain how root a mobile with Lineage I.

Download the Root from Lineage OS

The Lineage OS ROMs do not come prerooteadas. I.e., there will be that root the mobile after install the new ROM. Already we were told that when they launched the first official versions of OS Lineage. However, also we said that we would provide the tool for root them mobile, so is very simple root any smartphone Android that count already with Lineage you.

Lineage OS

For that, first we must locate the file’s root that we need in each case from the own Custom ROM downloads section. For this, enter to the section of download of Lineage I, and seeks the option Extras in the menu of the left. You’ll see that here are six elements: “its” and “their removal”. The first is to install the root and root the mobile, and the second is to uninstall it. So we will choose the first. But you will see that there are three types.

It is simple. If you have a smartphone with a MediaTek, Qualcomm processor or similar, and that is not 64-bit, then choose the first. If your processor is a MediaTek, Qualcomm or company, but of 64 bits, then choose the second. If your mobile Intel processor, then choose the third, who says (x 86). You will find more information in the section of settings > about phone your own Android.

Once downloaded, copy it to the memory of the phone. Not inside any folder, but in the memory of the phone.

Now reboot the smartphone and access the Recovery menu. If you have installed OS Lineage, you know very well how to access the Recovery menu. Go to Install, and looks for the file you’ve downloaded. Select it, run it, and leaves that he occurs the process, after which the phone is restart and starts normally.

In fact, mobile is already rooted. However, there is one last step that you can give to activate it. Go to settings > Developer options > Root, and here the options active Apps and ADB. With this, you have already your mobile phone with Lineage OS fully rooted.

The article how rooting a phone with OS Lineage was published in AndroidAyuda.

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