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How locate and activate the game secret of Android Nougat

Since time immemorial each evolution of the Google OS has hidden a curious easter-egg which, for example, allowed users to play a kind of Flappy Bird with sympathetic Android mascot. the seventh version of the software is not far behind, so we reveal how to locate and activate the game secret Android nougat.

This secret game Android Nougat leaves behind the birds, to get to play with his staunchest enemies, cats. Basically, the secret is to put a bait in your screen, leaving a dish with fish, buns or chicken for later any feline nears for him. After waiting a while the system you will alert of the presence of a cat, to the more pure style Pokemon GO, which must capture and adopt.

You can repeat the operation every time you want to become a real “crazy for cats thanks to this nice game secret of Android, which although not become the most popular Android game, if that will allow you to keep you entertained for a good time.”

Active the game secret of Android Nougat

If you have already previously located some easter-egg in previous versions of Android, sure that you can already imagine the steps that you must perform to locate and activate this game secret Android Nougat in compatible terminals.

To simply find it you should go to the settings of the device and in the phone info menu, access the version of installed Android. A time inside, press repeated times on the logo of Android Nougat that appears in screen and you’ll see as by art of magic, appears an emoji of a cat in the part bottom of the screen.

juego android nougat

Now you should simply add the game secret Android nougat at the menu of quick adjustments to find the empty plate of food that we mentioned previously and fill it with food to start our capture and collection of “kittens”.

Whenever a cat appears near the dish, you will receive a message in the notifications panel so that you access the device until the animal to escape the food between the teeth. After catch it can put you a name, be you it, or share it with other users.

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