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How know what is the best cable and charger’s battery for your Android

We have said on many occasions that not all Chargers and all wires have the same performance when it comes to charging the battery of our Mobile Android. However, that does not is useful. How useful is to know precisely what is the best cable and the best charger for our Android. Thus you can know.

Choosing the best cable and the best charger for your battery

It would be great to be able to tell you which cable and charger which you have to buy to load as well as the battery of your mobile or Android tablet. However, it certain is that only exists a form of know what is the best that can use, and is test all them loaders and all them cables to determine what is which best performance has. To test this we will use the AccuBatteryapplication. The application measures the speed of loading. And each charging process is stored in the record of the application, in such a way that we can be doing tests and then analyze what has been the cable and charger best result has given us.

USB Type-C

How to perform the tests?

Enters to AccuBattery, complete the process of configuration initial, that only you will be explaining them different functions of the app, and when have arrived to the window main, seeks the section speed of load. Here you can see the values Total, now, on screen and off screen. This last fact is the relevant to analyze what charger and cable are best. Thus, we connect our charger, and our cable.

Turn off the screen ones minutes, after it turn on, go to the history of the application and locate again the data of screen off. We will be shown a percentage, and a current media. With the cable and charger that higher levels give us in this case is that we will have a better loading process.

WP-Appbox: ACCU Battery – battery (+Free, Google Play) →

So, just testing with each of the Chargers and cables we have to determine which is which gives us a higher load current, and then we will already know what is you better have to use.

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