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How it works the parental controls on Nintendo Switch for mobile app

Are you one of the lucky ones who received yesterday its new and undamaged Switch Amazon, GAME or where it had reserved? Are you already enjoying their new hybrid system? Or purchased it for your child and you would like to control the hours of play? Maybe you only need mobile, since works of parental control Nintendo Switch app for smartphones.

Parental control Nintendo Switch

After two years of rumors, an official presentation and a continuous drip of information that has not more than fill us with hype everywhere, in the end this here. And it is that just yesterday was one of the events of the year for the video game sector, since it is always an event when Nintendo presents a console. Switch is already real, is in stores and Zelda is sweeping in Metacritic. But if you’re considering already if your child spends too much time with the console, or which games to play and if they are appropriate for their age, here’s Nintendo parental control app.

Parental controls on Nintendo Switch is a free application that allows you to monitor activity that children carry out with the console of the big N setting a daily duration for game sessions. In this way the child will see an alert on the console when it reaches the set time limit. You can also consult in the application how long has spent playing. If necessary, you can also activate the option “stop program” which is activated standby mode when reaching the limit set.

Games and restrictions

The app sends you summaries on used video games recently with the console and about how much time has been invested in them every day. You can see the daily and monthly summaries on the activity carried out with the console. If you have enabled the reception of notifications, you will receive a notice when a new monthly summary at your disposal. And it is also possible to adjust the Switch to the age of the child quickly and easily. In addition, with it you can restrict the use of games for ages.

The best thing is that it is also worth if we are who we play with Switch, since Nintendo account settings you can restrict purchases, including products and services in Nintendo eShop. Thus we avoid the child to buy what should not, and pass we can consult the games that we have purchased.

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