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How have WhatsApp unlimited completely free

WhatsApp calls are a great choice if we want to call without spending any money. However, some will be by hence say that actually not is so, but what we save in them calls of WhatsApp it spend in data. As well, if you are of which uses much the calls of WhatsApp, here have the form of have calls unlimited completely free and without spend nothing in data.


More than one will already know FreedomPop. The American operator landed in Spain offering the most interesting. If something has characterized this is for being a tour operator offering free services. Completely free? Because Yes, its modality more simple includes 100 minutes in calls, 200 MB of data, and connection unlimited to use WhatsApp. The latter only arrived in Spain, and especially noted because it gives us an unlimited connection to the use of the application in what refers to messages, calls, videos, images and audio, everything that has to do with the app, provided it is not a non-habitual use, as that would be to use the app to send Spam advertising for example.

Freedom Pop

Anyway, the really interesting thing in our case is if we want to use the operator, for example, to make voice calls from our WhatsApp account. It is ideal for this purpose.

Is more, will be still more easy of use if have a mobile Dual SIM, because can have our network common, and use the data of this app when go to use WhatsApp, something that can be really interesting.

That Yes, there are that have in has what is said of FreedomPop. And is that while is free, us makes many offers to the register us, and us gives options that come selected when we are asking for the card. These options will cost us money every month. Although you can disable them later, we will charge a month if we ask the card, making it the ideal standard ordering checking very well that we disabled and do not choose any of the offers, but only the standard and free the service mode.

If do this, only will have that pay something more than 11 euros by the activation of the card and the shipping, what nor is much money, taking in has that can use the card in our smartphone without have that pay absolutely nothing mas.s

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