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How have the shortcuts for the Pixel in almost any Android

The access direct are an of the news more relevant that have arrived in Android 7.1 and in them Google Pixel. It is a great solution to replace the 3D Touch with sensor of pressure from Apple without having to rely on an improvement in hardware. However, now we can use something very similar in almost any Android thanks to the latest Beta of Nova Launcher.


The shortcuts for Android should not be us as something truly new in the world of software. Really an application on mobile phones which has always been the computer context menu clicking the secondary mouse button, which will show us alternative actions. Apple announced it as one of the great functions of its 3D Touch on the iPhone, to take advantage of the pressure applied on the screen sensor.

However, Google came up with a much better idea, which is to have this same feature without the need of a special screen, using only a touch as the activation of these shortcuts. However, little useful if we are only going to have the Google Pixel or Android 7.1, isn’t it? Now already it can be in almost any Android thanks to Nova Launcher.

Android Accesos Directos

Nova 5.0 Launcher

One of our favorite launchers has already included this new shortcutfeature. And the best thing is that as we can install it on any Android, we can have this feature but we do not have the latest version of the operating system. Nova Launcher 5.0 can already have shortcuts in any mobile which has, at least, with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Obviously, it will depend on the applications that have these shortcuts already configured and integrated into the application itself, because the launcher cannot create them by yourself, but it is something that own the application developer must be applied to every one of their apps. Many applications, especially the most famous, already have been updated including new features for these shortcuts, mainly Google Apps, so you can take advantage of now with Nova Launcher 5.0. That Yes, at the moment only in its Beta version, you can get even from Google Play. You can also download it directly from the website of the developer of Nova Launcher, which is TeslaCoil, or simply wait for this version of the launcher stops being a Beta and is available in final version.

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