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How control the connection Wifi and Bluetooth of two androids with one only

With this application you can control the Wifi, Bluetooth connection and view the status of the battery of two Android phones from one single. Perfect for centralizing the management of your devices and always keep them connected. You will learn how to do it in this simple tutorial so that you can install it and set it up in minutes.

It is a simple application that you can download from Google Play, and which establishes a communication between two phones or tablets. Wherever they are each, you can turn off and turn on the wireless connection, check the bluetooth and see how much battery have each.

You don’t know where is one of the two? No problem. This app you allows you to make sonar any of them and follow the “ring ring” to give with the.  Imagine that you have your phone handy, but can not find your tablet or your smartwatch, or vice versa. You only have to send to activate this option of locator and you will find it at time. We will explain you step by step How to configure the application in two devices and to make it work.

How control the connection Wifi and Bluetooth of an Android with another

Is very simple. In this tutorial we are going to take as example two mobile with system operating Android. Can be any of the versions of the market. To establish this connection in “remote” use the app Potential Beta, that us allows control an Android from another.

WP-Appbox: Potential Beta (Free+, Google Play) →

You must first install the application in the two mobile phones, and associate them with the same account. To install it in the first create your account to let registered. After you install it in the second and connect it to your new account. A time finished this step already can see as appear the two mobile in the display main.

como controlar un android desde otro android

As shows the image, have them two devices identified by its name and the different States that us offers the application. With only press on them icons can turn on and turn off the connection Wifi or Bluetooth. We also hand the level of each battery to avoid trouble.

Now that you are the two connected mobile phones it is time to try the Locator. Click on the menu tab to bring up a pop-up with two options: Rename the device and sound device. With the first option, you change the name or identifier, and the second will activate the Locator.

como hacer sonar un android desde otro android

The “lost phone” will be sound and will appear a notification on your home screen. To stop it, just ignore the notification. This is how an android is sounded from another Android.

Now you can control an Android from another Android with the app Potential Beta. Although is in development, works correctly, has a high score and more than 10,000 downloads. Also has an extension for Chrome that is very useful to know the status of your Android devices while you are in front of the PC or laptop.

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