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How capture a Ditto in Pokemon GO

It seems that finally an of them promises of Niantic is has made reality and finally is possible capture to Ditto in Pokemon GO. This creature was one of the 150 pokemon initial that nobody had found in the title of Nintendo for mobile and many doubted of his existence. Now at last the famous pocket monster is can hunt within the application, but get it is not easy.

Them first tracks on the appearance of Ditto in Pokemon GO them had at the beginning of week, when investigating in the file APK of the last update of the game is found references to the famous pokemon “multiform” as well as the possible arrival of them Pokemon Shiny of which already you talked about days back.

Now Reddit users have reported that they have suddenly managed to capture a Ditto in Pokemon GO by surprise, although the method of capture is not going to like too…

How to capture a Ditto in Pokémon GO

According to the players who have got to hunt down Ditto in Pokemon GO, haven’t had to do any complex process several kilometers, or go to Patagonia to find the creature. According to is mentioned, the pokemon adopts the form of any other pokemon that appears in the game, and not is until after his captures when discovered its true face.

ditto en pokémon go

I.e., to capture a Ditto in Pokemon , you will have to capture all the pokemon put at your fingertips, whether a wild Rattata, a Pidgey, a Charmander or an Ekans. If after catch it is opens the Pokédex by adding to a new Pokémon to the list… congratulations! you have in your power to Ditto.

Certainly aware that is is of a process of captures quite tedious, as can that finish with hundreds of pokemon equal in your pocket, and depends on greatly of the luck. At least seems to be that this type of creature, not is exclusive of any continent by what in any moment can catch to Ditto when less you it wait.

A good way of celebrate the Black Friday in Pokemon GO that starts today same and will extend until the next 30 of November.

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