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How avoid that WhatsApp share data with Facebook

Yesterday it explained, WhatsApp is going to begin to share data with Facebook. Our mobile number, and the time of the last connection. The objective is to establish new advertising systems on WhatsApp or new ways of communication for businesses. Said in other words, start to monetize WhatsApp using them data that can out of the app. Now, it is possible to avoid that WhatsApp share data with Facebook. So can get it.

Disable “Share info.”

And it is that it is possible that yesterday or today you has appeared notification that you reported about the new conditions of WhatsApp and explaining how would share information with Facebook, and with what purpose. If you accepted these conditions, this information will be passed to share with Facebook. As explained yesterday, this could be even good. Finally, in order to use a free service, this has to make them profitable in some way, and with our data, using them to optimize advertising, is the only way to monetize WhatsApp. However, it is possible to disable the option to share information with Facebook if we wish it.

WhatsApp ajustes Facebook

To do this, we will only have to go to WhatsApp, select the options menu that appears in the upper right corner, and then go to WhatsApp settings. Here we have to select account, and it is then when we will see a new option that appears in this section “share info. “from account”. In fact, under this section, there is a brief explanation of why WhatsApp shares data with Facebook, and even a link where we can obtain more information. However, if what we want is to turn it off, we will only have to click on the checkbox for that section, and disable this option, something really simple.

That Yes, we will have to confirm that we we do not share data with Facebook. And where it does, this option is irrevocable and can not return to activate it. In principle nor should affect us much, but it is striking that is something irrevocable. Whatever it is, we have the option to choose if you want to share or not WhatsApp with Facebook data.

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