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Honor 9 (and perhaps Honor 8 Lite) could reach Europe on April 5

While it is true that Huawei has become the third largest maker of mobile phones in the world, is not just for phones sold under this brand, but also Honor mobiles. He 5 of April is has set a new date for a launch of the company Honor and all the information are running to will be the Honor 9 -presented as Honor V9 in Chinese – and, perhaps, the Honor 8 Lite for Europe.

Although we cannot say that they are more market-level mobile, yes it is true that the Honor stand out in particular for its quality/price ratio. We just have to take as an example the Honor 8. This smart phone with rear housing of glass, a high level, some technical characteristics of high-end design, and a dual camera configuration, became one of the favorite choices for users seeking a great smart phone with a somewhat lower price than the of the large mobile market.

In April, if anything it prevents, can buy the new Honor 9 in Europe

As well, is by that, that any launch of Honor is converted in relevant. And more, when it seems that you it’s the launch of a new mobile high range that will compete with vessels logo but with a lower price than its rival. It is not a completely new mobile because it would be he called Honor V9 in China and which would lose the “v” in Europe.

Honor V9

The characteristics of honour V9 I discussed them at the launch, at the same time as the Honor 8 Lite, and you can refer to them in the link you put in this same text. This smartphone already is presented at the beginning of year in China, but until now not was possible acquire it in Europe. It is the same case as other mobiles as the Xiaomi. But with a key difference is that while the Xiaomi not are they sold officially in Europe, the Honor in the store vMall. That means that it is not so interesting to acquire Honor V9 through an international distributor, but rather wait until mobile is officially announced and pass to be available in Europe. Logical because so the mobile will be more cheaply, and also count with the warranty European.

Honor V9

Seems that this 5 of April, as indicated, is the date chosen by the company to announce the availability of which would be the Honor 9 in Europe of form official. A mobile phone whose technical characteristics, as well as its dual camera, make it a great choice for the user looking for a mobile performance and attractive price.

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