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high-end Android phones 4 for less than 200 euros

We always talk mobile midrange, its good value for money, and even speak of one who is the King of the middle range. However, the truth is that for the price of a range media you can get today best mobile. I said no? Here are 4 for less than 200 euros high-end Android phones.

1 ZUK Z2

If you’re that does not give true relevance to the fact that mobile are the latest components of high level of the market, you know make a smart purchase. This ZUK Z2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820processor. Worse than the Snapdragon 821? Imperceptible. But besides that, it integrates a RAM of 4 GB, with a 64 GB internal memory.

ZUK Z2 Pro

When we pass to the multimedia aspects we find ourselves with an 5.5 inch with a resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. We do not forget their 13 megapixel main camera with a Samsung ISOCELL sensor as well as a 8 megapixel front camera. Your battery is 3,500 mAh fast charge compatible, and has a price of about 170 euros.

2 telephone S7

With a very nice design, which is clearly reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S7, this Telephone S7 is one of the best options for those who look for a high level mobile. It is available in four versions, but we remain one of the intermediate versions, because already by Yes has a great processor MediaTek helium X 20 ten-core as well as with a RAM of 4 GB memory and a 64 GB internal memory.

Elephone S7

Its main camera is 13 megapixels, with a 3,000 mAhbattery. A great smartphone whose price is at 180 euros approximately.

3 UMi Plus

The UMi Plus is another good option, mainly if we are looking for a mobile with a great battery, because this is a 4000 mAh capacity. Perhaps less is your processor, which is a MediaTek helium P10, mid-range, but with a highly optimized power consumption performance.

UMi Plus

Your RAM memory is 4 GB, by what will not have problems to run multiple applications. Its internal memory is 32 GB, and 13-megapixel main camera. Its price is only 160 euros, so it is a very good option for those who want a mobile phone very balanced.

4 Xiaomi Redmi Pro

In comparison with the other Xiaomi, this has gone very unnoticed. Maybe because it was not a high-end, being a Redmi, and nor was a mid-range, to be a Pro. A great smartphone, in any case. Although it is also available in several versions, one of them has a processor MediaTek helium X 25 ten-core and with a 3 GB RAMmemory.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Its internal memory is 64 GB, while your battery is nothing less than 4.050 mAh. It has a dual, 13 megapixel camera, being one of the few mobile Xiaomi in having a camera of this type. And the price of the phone is about 175 euros. Another great option in the high range for less than 200 euros.

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