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“Has stopped”? It fixes this error caused by Google

Can that you’re one of those users that has received a message in your smartphone that says “is has stopped”. As well, if that is your case, not is an error new in the Mobile Android, but the new causing in this case could be precisely Google, and more specifically the application of search of Google. How to solve it in this case?

How solve the problem

In reality, this error in the smartphone interface carries occurring in Android long ago. However, it certain is that in this case is produces by it application search of Google, that by an error in the update is generating problems that generate the closing of the service that is in charge of the management of the interface, and with that, is have that restart all them elements that see in screen.

To solve this problem, we will have to “restart” the Google search application, so you will have to delete the application data, as well as the cache of the same.

Trucos Android con destornillador

To do this, first we’re going to settings > applications and then locate the application from Google that can be called in different ways here: Google, Google app or Google search. Locate any of these three, depending on the mobile phone that we have, and access to the options of this.

The options that we use are delete the application data and clear cache. Probably to perform these two steps the application will take a little more to run if we’re going to use. However, it is not an application that many use frequently, so the fact that will take a little more to run the next time we are going to use is not a big problem.

With this, the error of closure of the interface should let of produce is. However, if not occurs so, returns to the same window earlier, where were the options of the application, and choose uninstall updates. If finally this does not work, you can choose disable, so the app will cease to operate, and will be the only solution. You’ll have to wait until they release an update for the application that does not have this error and then update the app.

“Has the article stopped”? Solve this error caused by Google was published in AndroidAyuda.

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