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Google vs. Facebook, the battle for those users

Apple and Samsung compete for the market of the smartphones… But physical smartphones. However, more beyond of what is the mobile that have each one of us, there is a reality, all have apps, all have some app of Google or of Facebook, and these services already are more relevant that the own devices. Google and Facebook are the two large companies right now that waged a battle by those users, and it curious is that Facebook could win it.

The death of Facebook, far from being a reality

I remember that not so many years ago, some predicted a death to Facebook. Said that was a network social that not could survive, of which the users are weary. Well, it is true that Facebook has changed, and perhaps this is what did survive to the application. But it is also true that as social network has been able to compete better than anyone else by becoming the company that, rather than dominate the technology market, it dominated the market of users. And is that, at the end, that is the battle really interesting. Who is the user?

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A priori, one would think that Google dominates. On the one hand, counts with a system operating that is the more used of the world, Android. On the other hand, has with services that also are among the more used, as is the case of Gmail to the talk of a platform of mail electronic, or as is the case of YouTube to the talk of a platform of video. All this by not speaking of the search, the more used of the world. If talk of the browser Chrome we find with that also is one of the more used of the world. Thus the things, is complicated talk of a company that can compete with Google… or not?


Yes, it is true that Google has widely used services, but it is no less true that Facebook also has services that are widely used today. It is the case of several of them. For example, using as reference a base of users with a mobile with Android of nothing less that 1.4 thousand million of users, can make us an idea of the relevance that has have four applications between them few that count with more than thousand million of downloads in Google Play. Is the case of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The two last were acquired by the company, and it true is that are two of the applications more used of the world, and of them more known. WhatsApp have communication between users, they have mastered it completely. With Instagram have a social networks that most punch is having in recent times. Messenger has managed to have many users despite the success of WhatsApp. And Facebook is still the best social network to communicate with family and friends.

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The strangest thing of all, is that there is a key difference between the services of Google and Facebook, and that is clear by the releases of Google. And is that while those of it company of the Finder are old, those of Facebook are more new, and have a future. The Google seek wanes in many cases. It could occur with the search engine, almost today it merges with what is the browser. Or rather, we could say that the death of the browser seems more logical. The same with YouTube will not happen, but for no one overlooked the fact that Google + has been a total failure. They say rumors that will arrive before the end of year news to YouTube with the aim of being more like a social network, and can add text and even surveys. We will see if it is a good strategy to compete with Google. Finally, there is the communication factor. Yes, it is true that Gmail is the most commonly used email application, but Google fails to launch an app for messaging that succeed. Google Talk or Hangouts then. What van to try with Google Allo, but compete with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp appears simply impossible. Meanwhile, Google has an important social lack, and the battle for users seems the most important thing at this point in the history of technology. That gives you a future Facebook Google right now does not have, and could be a crucial factor in determining which company will be the real dominating the world of technology of a few years.

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