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Google test a tool to edit screenshots

We usually use screenshots to signal something to a friend, colleague or family member through messaging applications. We show a screenshot of the browser or the search box on Google but costs us work indicate exactly what we want to show. One option is to trim only the useful. Another, edit the image with an app to draw on it.

Google wants to unify everything and not have to resort to an application to edit your screenshots. It seems that Google is working and editing tools in the version beta Google App 6.16. Once made, the catch could be cut and drawn before sharing them with someone else.

As explained from 9to5Google, opening the latest beta of the Google app, version 6.16, a user realized asking the application new permissions on the device referred to improve screen shots.

So far, make a screenshot from the Google application is kept as standard. However, with the new options are included for trimming and draw. A cropping tool and another drawing to draw lines on the screen shot. The function ‘Draw’. The latter has a basic color palette with six different colors available and scribbles in any part of the catch can be made. If they don’t like you, it also has a button to undo.

Once you’ve finished point on the screen what you need, the buttons appear to finish and share the screenshoot on any application or social network you want.

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6.2 Gboard Edition

Google also works on the possibility of editing from the keyboard. The latest beta of Gboard for Android, version 6.2, include features for the edition of the text. The keyboard will allow you easily browse by text and edit as needed. It has large keys and scroll buttons up, down, right and left. In addition, there are also buttons to cut, paste and copy and select everything that will make easy text editing.

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