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Google Play Store will let you choose the apps that you update

The Google app store has changed a lot during arrival to smartphones. Recall that at the beginning it was called Android Market and its design has evolved a lot until reaching the current. A good interface is key to the user navigate to taste and find what you need, so when changes lie ahead should be good. In this case the new interface of the Google Play Store lets you choose the apps that you update.

Or all or none

The minimalist design of the shops of apps makes appearance clean and fast read, but sometimes sacrificed some functionality. If you go by your downloaded applications area you will find with those that need to download a patch, and thanks to the button ‘update all’ you despreocupas of the process while the store is responsible for the installation of improvements. That Yes, forget to navigate with ease since the phone is doing several processes at the same time.

interfaz google play store

But if you want to update only a few can do it, unless you enter one by one in their pages and click the corresponding button. This procedure can be changed with the new interface of the Google Play Store, since apart from modifying the appearance includes a button ‘ update ‘ on the right of the app.

The other innovations that lie ahead

There is no doubt that if this looks the new interface of Google Play Store, it is a success by Google. It provides functionality to a section of indispensable shop as he is the Manager of installed applications. In addition, this would not be the change that could reach the app store for Android.
At the end of February our colleagues from Betech commented Google will change the interface of your app store by a design that a tab dedicated to each family. This would be a return to the previous model, especially to differentiate the gaming applications that today share space. On the other hand, apps that are reduced will take the previous price strikethrough on housing purchase will appear where the reduced price (although if the app becomes free just leave you install it).

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