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Google Play Store will include an intelligent uninstaller apps

Although mobile phones increasingly have more capacity, the truth is that the memory remains a problem for many users. That is why Google Play Store could soon include a new feature, a smart application uninstaller. The uninstaller would be able to help us choose the apps we need to uninstall to get free space on your phone.

An intelligent uninstaller

When we try to install a new app from Google Play, and have no more space on our phone, our smartphone will tell us that there is not enough space is available, and that it is not possible to install the app. However, that will change. Now Google Play Store will not be limited to tell us that it is impossible to install the app, but it will help us to free space. For that it will include an intelligent uninstaller.

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The main function of this uninstaller will be the recommend apps that we should uninstall from your mobile phone to free space. In principle, it would focus on those apps that take up more space on our mobile, something logical. In this way, we could sometimes find apps that occupy a lot while we don’t use them much. They will be the ideal choices for uninstall. It seems logical that you also would rely on the use of applications and time which are installed in our mobile. It is not difficult for mobile to know what apps we use and what apps don’t use nearly for recommending what should uninstall it to free up space. It is something quite simple, and a feature that already found in other mobile phones with Android and that it had been designed by manufacturers. It seems that Google thinks that it is interesting and useful and that it will integrate into its own app store. We will see that Yes, when it comes to Google Play Store, and when becomes available.

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