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Google Play Store renews ‘My Apps’, now more simple and useful

Google has modified and renovated its Google Play Store. Just a few months ago it was that the interface of the application market will renew so that access to the content would be easier and could be cleaner. Now, Google has improved the ‘My applications and games’ tab. Updates now have their own tab.

The applications and games tab is no longer as before. It is now cleaner and with more details. There are several available categories within the tab: installed updates and collection. Will also be a new tab, “Beta”, where have any application at this stage installed in the phone.Play Store Apps

My applications and games

Section collection shows you all the applications you’ve had on your device or you have had installed linked to that account, if you change your phone and want to go back to what you had. The installed, as its name suggests, displays your apps in your phone and details such as, for example, when was the last time that this application was used. Something that can be really useful if you want to save space and eliminate everything that do not use but which is still there. And, finally, the most renewed tab is the updates.

Pending updates they no longer appear as a few months ago but have their own tab. On the updates tab you can find new pending updates, check for updates or see when was the last time you upgraded a specific application. This will cause that you can access the changes soon, making it easier to find new updates.

You can improve all applications with updates pgradients directly from a button, “update all”. But you can also do it individually without having to go to each of the applications, to each of the pages to update. You can update one by one directly from the same tab.

Play Store Apps

They will be more ordered, also. You can sort them by date of last use, by size, by date of update or by alphabetical order, allowing quick and easy access.

Play Store Apps

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