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Google Play Store has a hidden category in its section of games

If you’re a regular user of Google apps shop look for those apps that help you most in your day to day. Even if your device already brings the free office suite of the company, is never others download other tools and, of course, any game to kill time. In fact, the interactive entertainment today lovers are in luck because we are going to discover a category hidden in its section of the Store Play Google games.

The Google Store Play indie corner

When vague by the Google apps store you will find many and varied proposals. Most are very well-known and highly successful titles produced by developers who are veterans such as Supercell with its well-known Clash Royale or Halfbrick, which brought the successful Fruit Ninja or Colossatron. Now let the developers who have gone to the small such as Ubisoft and Nintendo with their critically acclaimed franchises display.

But these games get tired of the popular which are and it is likely that you look for something fresher. So is it category of games hidden in the Google Play Store: the indie corner. The previous link, which has discovered a Reddit user, is the only way to enter this section, since there is (still) an access button as the that divides the apps of the movies and books or by category within the games.

This space is dedicated to those independent developers that try luck with their own games for smartphone, and some of them become a hollow with the largest store. You will also find free as of payment apps.

Independent Games competition

The Google Store Play indie section also has its own popularity contests. Indeed, the Indie Games Contest where any developer must pass three rounds of 20, 10 and three finalists to find out what is the best game of the year with their corresponding prize is taking place.

The funny thing of all is that the games that are released as independent will remain so despite its popularity. Examples include LIMBO, Don’t Starve (which already came from a successful version on PC and console) or high, one of the most important proposals that left us last year Noodlecake Studios and made the delight of millions of players.

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