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Google Pixel is updated and includes activation by double pulse

One of the features that most have liked that they have come in recent years to smartphones is the activation of the screen by a double click on it. Some mobile have with it, others not, but it true is that if you have accustomed to this function, you will cost much that your new mobile not the include. As well, the Google Pixel now is updated to receive the activation by double pressing.

Activation by double pulse

The new Google Pixel receive now a update that not is too relevant, but that brings get a new function that will love to those users that have the smartphone. Now you can activate the screen to only perform a double click on it. This feature came in first place in the LG mobile, has joined many other smartphones, being even a modification that we have seen integrated into smartphones due to modifications of the developers. In addition, with the new update for them Google Pixel not only is active the screen with a double pulse, but also to the tilt vertically the mobile. I.e., if is in a table, and it inclined towards up, it got up, also is activated the screen.

Google Pixel Doble Pulsación

A Google Pixel more useful

This function is especially useful because we are constantly turning and turning the screen, something that spends battery, and that wears the button of our mobile. With this double pulse, can directly activate the screen without any problem.

In the case of them Google Pixel, also, not is produces an activation of the screen of the interface normal of the mobile, but a screen special with a background black and with few elements that us will help to save much battery, by the screen with technology AMOLED of them Google Pixel, and that not spends battery when is of color black.

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