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Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, these will be the new phones that will arrive on October 4

We said that the Nexus could disappear, that it could be the end of these Google Mobile, and could be replaced by a few smartphones that would be directly with the most famous Internet company brand. Then all that information is now confirmed. Not in an official way, so you will still have to wait, but we already know the names and the date of launch of the new smartphones, on 4 October, and Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL will be called.

Google and Google Pixel Pixel XL

Not have too complicated with the names of the new smartphones. The word Pixel has long being used by Google for some of its products, usually products marketed under its own brand, such as the Chromebook Pixel, or Google Pixel C. The first of these is a notebook with Chrome OS, and the second a tablet with Android. So when we talk about the disappearance brand Nexus, the first in what we think was the name Pixel for the new phones using Google. And indeed, so is as is called. The most basic of the two, with 5-inch screen is not very complicated, will be called Google Pixel, while the largest, with 5.5-inch screen, will be called Google Pixel XL.


So far, what we knew is that there will be developments in terms of software. It will not be as clean as the one of the Nexus interface, but there will be a higher customization by Google. See to see what is concerned with that, because it is they themselves who design Android, so in principle, all customization could apply to the basal layer of Android if they consider it ideal, isn’t it?

October 4

The launch of two new smartphones will occur on 4 October, which means that we also have an almost confirmed release date. We knew that it would be in October, because it is a common date for the releases of Google, and there is very little more than one month so these new phones are released officially. They will be manufactured by HTC, Yes, but this year is even expected to appear the Taiwanese company in the Mobile brand. We will see to see what is what brings us Google, although everything seems to indicate that these Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have a clear mission, and is competing with the iPhone in a market that talk about you to you to mobile phones Apple becomes essential.

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