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Google Pixel 2B cheap is still alive

Google Pixel was one of the large Smartphone launched last year. However it is also true that it was a fairly expensive mobile phone. So far the possibility that came a mobile something cheaper, had been rumored but also from Google. A Google Pixel 2B. However, the latest rumors say that the Google Pixel 2 will not be very different from the original, new information tells us that a Google Mobile could arrive before the end of the year.

Google Pixel 2B

Months ago discussed that with the arrival of the second generation of the mobile Google would come a new mobile price, a Google Pixel 2B. Recent rumours it simplified everything saying directly that the new phone would be one single. And it would be simply a cheaper version of the original mobile. But the Vice President of product from Google, Rick Osterloh, before in Motorola and Lenovo, has confirmed that the new phone coming this year will be a mobile phone with features of high level, a true Google Pixel 2. That seemed to rule out the existence of a Google Pixel 2B. But just after Vice President of Google product claims, returns to talk about that mobile economic price of the company. It will not be a mobile branded Pixel. But whether it will be a mobile phone developed by the same team that works in the new Google Pixel 2.

Lateral del Google Pixel plateado

It is believed that this new phone’s price could be a Smartphone Android One family. Also Nexus could be new. But what seems clear is that it would be a mobile Google aimed at developing markets. It is not clear if mobile phone will be launched alongside the Google Pixel 2, or later, will be launched at the end of this year.

Either way, the fact that follow talk of this new cheap phone from Google, after the statements that seemed to deny their existence, is almost a confirmation that the mobile will launch, or at least that has been the company plans its launch. Their arrival would be good news considering the high price of the flagship of Google, for markets with less economic possibilities, both for users who simply want a cheaper mobile phone without giving up a software quality characteristic of any smartphone from Google.

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