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Google phone is updated providing the NUM LOCK

Block to users that we call now will be more easy with the new Google phone. This not is another thing that the application of phone that all have in our smartphone, but in the version own that Google has available in if store Google Play. Now comes the 7.0 version, an update that will include relevant news, as it is the case of the possibility of blocking numbers that call us, as well as a new way of responding to calls.

Blocking of calls from numbers

Until the moment, the blocking of calls of certain numbers should make is of another form, with an application, or with any function of the own smartphone if the manufacturer it had integrated. Now it will be very easy to block a call because we can do it directly from the phoneapplication. Only will have that see the record of calls, locate the number that us has called and that not want that us again to call, and in the section of options, equal that can save that number in the agenda, or equal that can return it called, will have also the option of block to said user so not can return to call us. In addition, not only blocking the number, but that we report it as spam or advertising call, which could reach the Google database so that other users can avoid in the future the calls from these numbers.

Recibir llamada

A new way of responding

To it previous there that add something more, and is that becomes a new form of respond to the calls. Ended the slide to the right to answer a call. Now will have that slide towards up to receive the call, and towards down for reject it. This is somewhat more useful because mobile phones are increasingly larger, and slide to the right can be a problem if the screen is very wide and we are using the smartphone with one hand. The gesture of slide towards up is simple and easy of run. And also induces to less errors, and less rejections of calls involuntary (only there is that think in that not was so difficult reject a call without wanting to when were going to receive it to the use the hand right). Making that the movement is vertical, is much more complex go wrong is to the receive a call.

Of time, Google phone 7.0 will be available only for them mobile that count with Android 7.1 Nougat, as are the Nexus and them Google Pixel, although not would be nothing rare that soon is lance some APK compatible with all them others Android.

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