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Google Maps already allows, on a global basis, register where set

Google Maps allowed for a while in beta, register set where the car. The function disappeared and now, weeks later, has returned to be available to all users of the application, without having to have the beta installed.

Google Maps makes time which included among its functions the possibility that know where you parked the car. The function was improved during the month of March in the app: had the option to register manually where we had parked, improving accuracy. However, only a few days later this disappeared from the beta giving way to new features like sharing the location in real time, for example. Now, Google Maps already included in its application for iOS and Android where you parked the car.

Register where set

For the implementation of Android, as Google explained, just click on the blue dot that appears on the map and click on the option ‘Save your parking lot’ to add the place on the map. This location will be saved so that you can return whenever you want without losing you.

Google Maps registrar dónde aparcaste

In addition, the location will display a parking card where you can add more information and details such as the exact number (if it is a public parking lot and not the street) or the amount of time remaining to pay the parking meter, for example. The place where you’ve parked also can share it with friends where you’ve been, that you want to say you have reached or anything else you need.

The option already existed in Google Maps for time automatically, something that did that performance was not very correct and non-precision. Google Maps was not able to determine correctly automatically where was your car.

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Google is not the only one able to help you find your car. Other applications such as Find My Car or Parkify help you in this task from day to day. Free apps that work well for connection FPS or well thanks to the detection of movement (in the case of Parkify). The first allows you to add annotations, photographs or activate a timer that will let you know when you finish your time in the area of payment, for example. The second, Parkify, will allow you to register automatically where you parked, with Bluetooth or with motion detection and will that be saved even if you forget to save it. Thus, you can always find your car difficult which the parking, no matter how many plants you have or things you can get lost.

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