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Google makes it official: 48 hours to receive a refund for a purchased app

How long can pass since we purchased an app until we can’t return it and ask for the reimbursement thereof? Officially, and in all cases, two hours. In some cases, it seems that two days, but it was not clear in which cases, or when it was produced. Yes, Google has now made it official. 48 hours is the time that we will have to return any Google Play app.

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Google has updated the information available in the support section of your web page, informing that the deadline for return of an application, and therefore, the deadline to receive a refund of the cost of such application, is 48 hours. So far, the official figure was 2 hours. After two hours, still, some, perhaps many, apps, allowed to continue returning the app and receive a refund up to 48 hours after having been acquired this. However, the official figure was 2 hours, which could make us think what to buy an app to test and return it if we were problems at the prospect of not being able to find these problems in just two hours.¬†That has changed, now we’ll have two days to return an application.

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Google will analyze the users that return many apps

That Yes, we do not think that that means that you can download apps, return it the next day, back to unload it, and return it the next day. It doesn’t work as well. Google has explained that you analyse cases of users who return many apps, so it will be useful to return an app where it is incompatible with our mobile, or in our very expensive after having it tested, but not to buy all the apps that you want and then return them.

From these 48 hours, Google already will not refund us the money of the purchase of our app, but informs us that I can still contact the developer to try to return us the money. However, reminds us that with two days it should be sufficient to know if really we want to or not the application that we have purchased.

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