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Google Keep is updated and progress in your organization (APK)

Now that evernote has increased its price it is possible that you are planning to give a chance to another development to take notes. One of the best you can find is Google Keep, offering interesting options without having to pay anything for it. Also this work is being updated with interesting advances in relation to the Organization and searches.

In the new version of Google Keep, that is unfolding with unexpected slowness in the different regions in which it is available, what is included is a help from own development at the time of perform searches and use the different categories that has given high. And all this, simply by pressing the icon that is at the top with a magnifying glass drawing.


Basically, what I do is automate the process of classified Google Keep, so that when you need to find something this also it is something which does not just require user action, which on the one hand the use of development and, at the same time, makes more comfortable accelerates locate content. The new ability is called things, and the truth is that it allows from make use of already existing categories and, even, the color codes to be established.

Quite useful and download manual

The new version of Google Keep is the 3.3.255 and install has a requirement that is available from Android 4.0 or higher . It takes up 13 MB and is fully compatible with Google’s operating system for the smartwatch (Android Wear). The truth is that the new integrated option is quite useful and in my case, that I use on a regular basis this development, I have found that it saves time and that its reliability and effectiveness is great. A good contribution.

Nuevas opciones en Google Keep

If the upgrade, something that is only possible in Spain, has not arrived you can here get the Manual installation APK signed by Google. Once downloaded that fits with your phone, simply click on the downloaded file and follow the steps that appear on the screen. Other applications for Google’s operating system can also find them in this section of Android support.

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