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Google is working on a third mobile that would not be the 2 Pixel

We have said recently that Google is already working on the two new mobile that launch to the market this year, the new Google Pixel 2. However, we have now heard a third smart phone that you would of the company this year.

A third mobile Google

Until two years ago, Google launched each season a new mobile Nexus. Two years ago, instead of a single Smartphone, launched two smartphones, the Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 X, one of the higher range, and a more basic. Last year the company also launched two new phones, but in this case it was almost equal. The two were high level, although one was bigger than the other. This year, on the other hand, we could see a combination of what happened in 2015 and 2016.

Google would launch two new mobile high-end, two new Google Pixel 2. But in addition, it could also launch a third mobile that would not be a Google Pixel.

Google Pixel

A new Nexus?

This approach we discussed a few weeks ago. While it was confirmed that the two new mobile Google Pixel would be high level, and that they would not be moving economic, is still claiming that Google would launch a third smart phone this year. This new mobile good might be a new Nexus that the company would launch a smartphone with a somewhat lower price than the Pixel being launched lately. This phone would already have the key ‘taimen’, also of a marine animal name, and would have a large format screen. So, at the moment we know that it will be a phone with big screen but probably with a more affordable price than the other mobile to the company launched this year.

With these features, would be an ideal device for those who want a mobile phone with the latest version of the operating system, and that you receive all updates.

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