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Google Home would not be much more than a Chromecast with something else

Google Home, that device that the company presented at the Google I/O 2016 and who aspired to become the smart Wizard of our House… could not be more than a Chromecast with some more of the hardware components. But we don’t say it as something negative, nor much less, but rather as something positive, and it is that its price could be very economical.

Google Home

Of course, Google Home seems better than any Chromecast. It has more lights, is larger, and seems really intelligent. Chromecast is slightly larger than a USB and connects to the television. However, the truth is that they have analyzed the Google Home hardware components, and it is that we might almost say that it takes an integrated Chromecast, or at least the components of this. Of course, to that must be added some components more hardware, such as LED lights, speaker, etc, etc. But not much more. That means several things. One of them is that the complexity of Google Home won’t go far beyond that of a Chromecast. Of course, the complexity of Chromecast may be as limitless as Google wants. But it is still more relevant this price Google Home will have.

Google Home Portada

Google Home, with a price type “Chromecast”

If something you had so successfully Chromecast was by offers something akin to what offered devices like the Apple TV, priced at only 35 euros, when its rivals had prices exceeding the 100 euros. Amazon Alexa, the most direct rival of Google Home (is not on sale in Spain), has a price of $180. While anyone could buy a Chromecast, not everyone considers buy an Alexa with a price of 180 dollars. However, if Google got this Google Home had less than 100 euros, it would be a great revolution. And it is not so impossible. An improved design, microphones, speaker and LED light, but with a core that finally and Cape sold for 40 euros. Don’t have margin Google to make Google Home price less than 100 euros? Another issue will be whether it will be interesting in Spain and if it will work as well in Spanish as in English, for example, or even if will be launched here. But as we say, that is another issue.

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