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Google Home and Daydream VR will be available October 4

Google Home and Daydream VR will be two other releases that will have to share protagonism nothing less than with the new Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL and Chromecast Ultra. However, they have their own name because they occupy an important role in the future of the company. While some represent current technology present, these other two, Google Home and Daydream VR, are the future that is coming. October 4 they will land officially.

Already almost presented

While both the new phones from Google and the new Chromecast are almost secret, new Google Home and Daydream VR devices had been fairly commented so far. In the case of Google Home, already had been presented before directly, although it was missing us much to realize and learn of this device. Among other things, we do not know the languages that will be available and, therefore, the countries that will be launched. Been launched only in English and German, so its release in Spain is doubtful. The complexity of language makes a wizard that works by voice recognition much complicate you life at Google. We’ll see if they talk about that on 4 October, because it is a device that interested, can that is the future of smart homes.

Google Home Portada

Regarding to Daydream VR, it’s about time that Google launched a device of virtual reality that was better than Cardboard. The idea of Cardboard was OK, as it gave users the chance to get a virtual reality device building themselves, and without having to spend money almost, what became the virtual reality accessible to all. However, is it had already talked about the possible launch of a new device virtual reality already has its own name and had their technical specifications. That is Daydream VR. Come on 4 October, and would be key to continue having an affordable price, to continue being accessible, although with a good performance. In fact, we can not ignore something that would be very interesting, and that Daydream VR regale you with the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, for example, something that would provide an incentive to the purchase of one of these new smartphones. By the way, its definitive name could be Daydream View. We will see.

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