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Google Hangouts ever will continue to run

Google has announced new plans for Hangouts. In particular, launched two variants of this service especially aimed at professional users, the business environment, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. We thought that this would be the farewell to Hangouts. However, the truth is that Google Hangouts ever will continue to operate.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts was launched as the bet of Google to compete with other messaging like WhatsApp application. However, while the service arrived with more functions than WhatsApp, as in the case of voice calls and video calls, as well as a web version, the truth is that he was never able to compete with WhatsApp. Even so, Google not renounced trying to steal protagonism to the popular messaging application, and their last two releases, Google Allo and Google Duo, for messaging and video calls, respectively, thus they show it. Seemed that Hangouts aspired to disappear, and in certain mode is very possible that this is. But for now it seems that we can still continue using the Hangouts of always.

Google Hangouts

With the launch yesterday of Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, everyone thought that we were going to start to say goodbye to the classic Hangouts, that we began to access Gmail. But the truth is that Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat are oriented directly users of professional environments. In fact, only users with a professional account of the G Suite will initially use these two services. But the funny thing is that there are users for whom Hangouts had become a widely used tool, even though it had yet to replace WhatsApp.

That’s why for them is a problem that the new Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat is only available in business environment. However, Google has confirmed that Hangouts will continue to operate and will continue to be available to users. That means that at least for the moment, we can continue using this messaging application both in the version for Android and iPhone, like from the web version.

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