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Google Duo could soon offer voice no video calls

Video calls are fine and blah, blah, blah… but the truth is that if we want a platform of calls to be really useful, it today has to offer us calls that consume little data, and that means that they are called voice, and not only video. That could soon be a novelty of Google Duo.

Google Duo with voice calls

It is clear that video calls, compared with voice calls, they offer us an experience of a higher level, but it is also true that they are consuming much more data, and calls that are hardly stable when we don’t have a high speed connection. Therefore, while Google Duo is an interesting platform to make calls, it is also true that it is deficient in regards to voice calls. And no, not because they are bad quality, but rather by the fact that simply do not exist. Google Duo has no voice in the application calls, but only with video calls. Although the application is very easy to use and very simple, that doesn’t mean that when we have a mobile connection it is better not to use it, and then choose an application with voice calls, as it could be WhatsApp.

Google Duo

However, that could change, because one of the novelties that could soon reach Google Duo are voice calls. It’s really obvious, because remember that Hangouts had voice calls, and none of the new applications of Google’s communication, which, in theory, come to relieve Hangouts, such calls have. Thus, it seems logical that Google Duo pass to include voice calls, and also makes the app a great choice for those who want to make voice calls, and do not believe that WhatsApp is a great application for this purpose.

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