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Google Docs is updated and includes support for EPUB and OpenOffice

Google Docs is now the platform of Office Automation in the best-known cloud that exists. Thank you, easy of use, and present from ago years. Has been improved with the passage of the time. And already is all an essential, more even if you have an Android. Now the platform and the app is updated and include compatibility with the files EPUB and OpenOffice.

New options of configuration of document

Actually, the update not only has arrived to Google Docs, but for all them others services of office of the company, which includes the of sheet of calculation and the of presentations. Now all these have a new option in your application for mobile and tablets for Android. And is that can modify the configuration of the document to select if it want to horizontal or vertical, or if want to add a color of background, something that will be very useful creating presentations, for example. However, this is only an of the characteristics of the new update of all the applications of documents of Google.

Google Docs

Google Docs, compatible with EPUB and OpenOffice

Specifically, Google Docs now includes compatibility with EPUB and OpenOffice. Have in account that this is only a form of refer us to this type of files, and are going to explain well what implies this compatibility. Not is is of run them and of modify them, but the update us gives the option of exporting them files of text that have to a file of format .epub, and .odf. These formats are which used them readers electronic, in the case of the first, and them programs as OpenOffice and OpenOffice, in the case of the second. This expands the possibilities that we have at the time of export the files from Google Docs. Is mainly noteworthy the fact of that can generate directly a file. epub.

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These files are executed very well and give us the option of extending the letter and reduce it, and are ideal for reading. If we work with texts that we have to read, as they could be speeches, or even scripts or books, can be an ideal option that add this features to Google Docs.

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