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Google Assistant will take to arrive because of the Spanish

The Spanish is a simple language, isn’t it? Of course, what would we think if it is our native language. It is the second language most spoken in the world, but even so it is not an easy language when it comes to translate or develop a service in this language.

The complexity of the Spanish is precisely the guilty that Google Assistant has not reached even to Spain or any English-speaking country.

Agree, if you are of those users who are very to date with the news from the world of technology, you can that you may know the languages in which is now available the smart Assistant Google. Launched in English and in German. The launch in English it seems obvious, given that it is, so to speak, the international language and the main language in which Android is available. However, the German does not seem very logical. It is not a widely used language in the world, as he is spoken only in a few European countries. In Spanish is a lot more spoken language. Only the Chinese is spoken by more people in the world. In Spanish it is used by many users of Android. It is the language spoken by nearly all citizens of Latin America. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why not launched Google Assistant already in our country.

But in reality there is an explanation. Google Assistant is not only a service with words that should appear in our language, but it is a platform that should be able to understand what we say.

In each country there are variants of one language, depending on the accent, but in the Spanish this is much more remarkable. It is sometimes difficult for a Spanish to understand expressions of a Latin American country. And even the same thing happens between neighboring countries among themselves. This makes it very difficult to develop a service that should be able to understand natural language.

It is even more difficult to launch Google Assistant in Spanish than in German, although there are fewer German users, due to the uniformity of the language.

Thus, we can forget receiving Google Assistant in our country soon. It has already confirmed that until 2018 not will the new platform.

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