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Google Assistant will not arrive in Spanish through 2018

It looks almost like a joke. Google Assistant, the great smart Wizard of Google was to compete with Siri, and which arose last year, it will not arrive in Spanish, at least until the coming year. This is confirmed it officially the company by means of a statement in which it says that mobile phones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow will receive the Assistant, but only in a few languages.

From 6.0 Android Marshmallow

Exclusive the Google Pixel had with this intelligent wizard is finished. So far, only the last mobile Google Google Assistant had, but the truth is that it seemed clear that very soon it would more smartphones, starting with the rest of the Nexus range. However, the process will be much faster, and will not be only for the Nexus, but that a range of mobile will already receive Google Assistant if you have 6.0 Android Marshmallow, or a later version of the operating system, as well as with Google services Play. That already includes a lot of smart phones. In fact, at the Mobile World Congress 2017, Google will have present smartphones from different manufacturers, such as Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung, which are already running Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Moviles

But not in Spanish

However, the problem is that the platform is not available even in Spanish. You can install it all users who speak English or German in a few countries, including United States, United Kingdom and Germany, provided smartphones meet the aforementioned requirements. But if you speak Spanish, forget it. And the worst thing is that according to Google, will be arriving new languages for this platform from next year. That means that smart in Spanish Wizard would not through 2018. We think that in 2018 it will come in Spanish, since this should be one of the first languages that should be available the platform, being the second language most spoken in the world. Even so, 2018 is a distant date, and more if we consider that the Google Pixel launched last year with this intelligent wizard.

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