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Google Assistant already preparing to stand up to Siri

Siri is the wizard’s voice which Apple has integrated in iOS and soon also in the operating system for computers of the company. So far, the rival to Google for Siri was Google Now, although this was considerably different, more voice that commands based on anything else. The future, now, would Google Assistant, which also begins to prepare for an imminent launch. And it seems to be present in the latest version of the search engine of Google Android.

Google App 6.2

It is version 6.2 of search of Google for Android application. The application already have direct references to Google Assistant, which means that the new wizard could already be launched imminently. Probably the appearance of these references in the application have that see with tests that Google is performing of form internal, or even with the objective of communicate to the public that is going to launch this new service. Be as is Google Assistant is already to the fall.

Google Assistant

Can you compete Google Assistant with Siri?

What still remains to be seen is if a wizard as Google Assistant will be able to compete with Siri. And we don’t say it because Siri is an incredibly useful smart wizard. In fact, we say it because Google Assistant arrives long after that Siri, and Google will have to try and go a long way to be at the level of the Assistant of Apple. That Yes, that searches refers, hardly anyone has more experience than Apple.

The key of Google Assistant, will be that, as happened with Google Now, will be that will be with a great amount of information on us, them searches that performed, them apps that have, and based on that will be capable of offer us the information that us want of it form more accurate. That itself, as opposed to Google Now, which will remain an active service, Google Assistant is a wizard with which we can speak and have a more or less normal conversation, or at least that is what it seems.

It was integrated into all platforms of Google TV Android, Android Wear and of course Android for smartphones and tablets, and remains to be seen exactly how the new platform when it definitively.

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