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Google already indicates the false news in search results

Google does not want its users to read false news. With thousands of articles published every minute on the Internet and the amount of noise that this produces, Google wants that in their search engine to identify which stories are truly informative and which do not. Google has activated its Fact Check on Google Search and Google News, its system of detection of false news.

Fact Check

It’s a label that will identify which stories have been checked and they are real, among the thousands of new articles that are published every day, every moment, and that will appear in Google searches. False information will not be hidden, but you can see from Google that what counts in that particular link is not true.

When you perform a search that generates results verified by third parties, you will see the corresponding label. In addition, Fact Check will allow you to see information about testing, who has done it and if an accredited source has verified the accuracy of the news.

So the editors can get this label, they will have to be part of the community of Google’s Fact Check and they may do so through sites like ClaimReview or, of the Share widget the Facts or Jigsaw. From there the editors can confirm if the information is true or not. However, may do so only the editors deemed the algorithm of Mountain View are accredited sources.

Fact Check Google

Editors in charge

The process may not be perfect. Google is not responsible for deciding what is true and what not but that only puts the tool to make editors who show the truth (or not) of what has been published. In addition, Google warns it since its publication in the news blog: “inspections are not ours and you that we do not always agree with them”.

Content verified not only must be true but also must comply with the general policies of Google. In the case of Google News (remember that it is not available in Spain) the content must have the criteria reflected in the guide prepared by the Mountain View and adjust in terms of readability, transparency, etc.

Available worldwide

Google announced this system in October 2016. So far, this feature was only available in United States and United Kingdom for the Google News Service. Now, expands around the world, in all languages and not only reviewed the news that appear in Google News but also searches on Google.

Facebook also fight against the false news

Facebook is also worried about the false news to your social network. This week it announced measures that pass to curb economic incentives. Zuckerberg’s believe that the majority of false publications that appear are made for economic purposes. Therefore commit themselves to working to better identify the false news through the community and independent organisations dediadas verification of facts.

There is a “magic fix” explained from Facebook or are they responsible to say what is truth and what not but not those guilty of this occurring. Yet have made it clear that they do not want false news on the platform or sensationalism and clickbait.

The article Google already indicates the news fake search results was published in AndroidAyuda.

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