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Google Allo will become our virtual assistant thanks to Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an of them big news that will come to them services of Google soon, and that is converted in that Assistant intelligent capable of receive questions and give us answers in a language natural and very to the style of Apple Siri. However, the prominence of Google Allo will not be reduced by the arrival of the wizard’s voice, but rather the reverse. And is that it seems that Google Assistant will be integrated in Google Allo, and can make questions from this last app.

Google Assistant in Google Allo

Google hopes that Google Assistant in this intelligent wizard that are both promoting its rivals, such as Apple with Siri, or Amazon with Alexa. However, it certain is that to be an Assistant really useful, has that be an Assistant that is present to the use almost all the apps main. And in this case, Google also aspires to that Google Allo is an app used by all users. Or it is even possible that the aim of the company is to become the bridge of step to Google Assistant. Whatever it is, we can already see screenshots of the application in its trial version in which we observe how users pose questions to Google, as if it were a conversation with the wizard, and it responds with information that you have available.

Google Assistant

Actually, the information that us gives and the form of give us it us recalls quite to Siri, to weigh that from Google try to say that there are many differences. However, in this case the key is not Google Assistant, but the fact that this will be completely integrated into Google Allo. See what is what the company has designed for this application that would rival with WhatsApp, and if of truth capable of compete with the application of messaging more used of the world.

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