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Google Allo will arrive in web version… but already it will be late

Google Allo was the new messaging application that Google wanted to compete with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and company. An application that coexisted for a while with Hangouts, although they would still be different functions. However, we now know that Google Allo also will come in a web version, but it will be late for this, because the application little can already do to fight against their rivals.

Google Allo

Google Allo came as an interesting application of Google to compete with WhatsApp Facebook Messenger. But when we say interesting, we actually refer to it would have been interesting if it had released 10 years before, because now Google Allo launch has little logic. Basically, Google Talk was the first Google, integrated into the own Gmail messaging service. Then they released Hangouts, a renovation that, in theory, would be rival to WhatsApp. As we know, it did not compete with the messaging application most used in the world despite get installed on many Android phones. But Google decided to launch a renewal, Google Allo, that if expected better results.

Google Allo

While the figures at the beginning were good, the reality is that few users were using it. Your success will be based again in that it will come installed in many mobile phones with Android, as happened with Hangouts. But great failing is that it has launched without being complete. It is now when will launch the web version to use the service from the PC.

And it is that if something had Hangouts that turned the application interesting is that a user with a computer could enter your Gmail and write to anyone, he received it in your mobile. This was possible even if your smartphone had no battery. On the other hand, this is impossible for WhatsApp, for example, what did that Hangouts would be useful. However, Google Allo was launched and even had this feature. Big mistake.

Now yes, we can use Google Allo from your computer. The only good thing is that at some point it will replace Hangouts, and will be a good choice to be as complete as the former. It will be complicated that you rival WhatsApp, but will be a good choice for those who want a service to communicate that you have a web version.

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