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Google Allo alongside Hangouts and Messenger

When Google introduced Google Allo in the event which was held a few months ago, the I/o 2016 Googl, what found us was a substitute Hangouts and Messenger, apps for messaging that so far had Google, and one rival to WhatsApp. But now reach new details of what it will be Allo, and apparently will have to wrangle with Hangouts and Messenger. The question is, how?

Already of by itself it makes complicated that live two apps as Messenger and Hangouts. Messenger is the application of messages SMS from Google. But in Hangouts also can manage the messages SMS, by what seems that are two apps that do not have much logical. Even so, Google has them two available because could have users that would like to have Messenger to them SMS but not Hangouts for the messaging between accounts of Google. However, the arrival of Allo doesn’t have much logic. Some claimed at the time that the goal would be to finish with Messenger and Hangouts, and only let Google Allo. However, the information that now reaches us says that not will be so, but coexist all around Google.

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Hangouts was the option that Google raised to compete with WhatsApp but proved impossible to get it. Google Allo seems a new option to compete with WhatsApp, although now it seems still more impossible to get it. In any case, we will see what are the plans of Google, since it is not very clear what the aim of Google Allo. In principle, any innovation which can bring this app could be integrated into Hangouts, but is clear that they want a new brand. Be capable of competing with WhatsApp? And what is even more important, your smartphone users shall be read with many applications with similar functions such as already Google Allo, Hangouts and Messenger?

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