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Google abandons mobile modular Project Ara

It promised much when Motorola bought PhoneBloks in order to work in this new mobile modular. Then Google sold Motorola and stayed with this project of mobile modular that I was called Project Ara. He suffered some delays with regard to the supposed date of release, and as it has not happened few times with a Google project, now looks set to be abandoned.

Goodbye to the modular mobile

It is not not a lot less the first time that Google closed a project that had placed high hopes on it comes to the future of the world of technology. It seemed that the modular mobile had some future. In fact, Google was planning to launch its first prototype of Project Ara in Puerto Rico last year. Not be released. The project had also been losing impact. However, when this year have seen some mobile modular both LG and Motorola, although not much less the crazy idea of a complete modular mobile which was what unfolded in Project area. However, it seems that the merger of units of work on Google on what hardware refers to work in the new Google Pixel, Chromecast, Daydream View & company, has been trimming efforts on projects that seemed to not be anything productive, as in the case of Project Ara.

Project Ara

The truth is that with the passage of time we have been seeing how it has changed the world of technology. Smartphones already does not seem to be the future, but that this is reserved for smart watches. Virtual reality has gotten their way and convince the manufacturers and users, and this is something has done that companies have to redirect efforts that destined for other projects. Today, Project Ara seems impossible. And to when possible, that no longer have any logic because all use smart watches, or folding phones. Perhaps that is the reason why they have come to the conclusion in Google that continue working on it has no logic.

Google has not made any comments about the end of Project Ara, but the information comes from the Reuters Agency, and is expanding in all specialized media worldwide, without comments from Google, it seems clear that we cannot rely on the accuracy of this rumor. New Google Pixel, new will Chromecast, and a new Daydream View, but we can dismiss us modular mobile Google.

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