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Goodbye to the LCD, all the future is LED screens

We knew that the LED screens were already part of the present of many smartphones today. However, from there to speak already of a death final of those panels LCD had a world. Even so, it is it seems that it will happen. The LCD die, LEDs are devoted, and we talk about such a radical change as that we saw when we go from giant tube televisions, to LCD televisions.

Screens LCD

LCD screens are about to die. Mainly by its limitations techniques. In his time were a great solution. In fact, they were the best choice to create very fine screens, with which to launch small televisions, with a good quality, which also were resistant, and relatively economic technology. Different companies have distinguished themselves over the years through their monitors and screens. However, with the passage of time the LCD technology has left have room for development, and has peaked, making it clear that it also has some lack. The fact that needed a back light source to illuminate the display and this is made up in large part by tubes or bulbs makes precision in colors is not the best, the contrasts nor, and total Blacks are almost impossible to obtain. Before this situation. LED screens seemed to be the future. Different interpretations of these screens we have seen so far, from the AMOLED from Samsung, with organic LED, until the PLED, plastic screens, used by LG. Their big problem so far, they were less resistant and more expensive to produce, but both problems are getting solution.

Samsung Pantallas Portada

LED screens

The bet of Samsung by the screens LED has been total, and it same has happened with the bet of LG. This has made the two companies got a lot success, dominating the market from South Korea, and removing a great relevance to Japan, where they came from other major manufacturers of screens, such as Sony, Hitachi and Sharp, the latter stressing more by their LCD screens.

In this tessitura, the screens LED is make today in the option of the future, and also in the option of the present. What life gave to the LCDs were millions and millions of LCD panels which each year Apple charge for its iPhone, iPad and Macs. But the Cupertino company seems determined to change its technology for LED technology, which would offer them different impossible capabilities with LCD screens. One of them is the integrate own fingerprint reader into subpixels of LED display, so removed the iPhone button. Also, is would improve the quality of the screen, with some contrasts more high, some black more real, and in final an image more striking for the user. Samsung would manufacture the screens for Apple, being the only company with capacity to take that level of production.

The future, however, are not the Samsung AMOLED screens that have a problem. Being organic, its service life is lower, and they are more likely to be damaged. The future could be the QLED screens, with quantum dots, a technology which should talk about more in depth, and that will be more interesting if the company decided to integrate it in their trading screens, and mainly in their smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8, or even Samsung Galaxy X style. Who knows if the first smartphone to have this screen could be Samsung Galaxy X folding screen that much has been said so far. Without a doubt, is a possibility.

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