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Gmail has stopped, how to fix it?

It may be one of the most common problems between users who have a smartphone or Android tablet, and that affects one of the services that we use. Talk of the popular Gmail is has cuatroletrastvor, that could affect you is which is the mobile or tablet that have, without importing the brand or the version of firmware. This is what you can do to solve this problem.

Gmail has been arrested

Gmail is probably an of the applications more used in our Mobile Android. All them phones smart with the system operating Android and with the services of Google come with the application of Gmail pre-installed. But also the most advanced email that exists, and that service most often used. It is logical, therefore, that any error with this application much complicate us life. And not are few those users that receive the error of Gmail is has stopped.

Gmail Portada

Why happens this?

Actually the causes that can cause this error are different. Gmail has stopped can be a problem generated by an own error in the application that Google would solve with an update, but they are not common, because such errors are debug Beta versions. Although it is likely that a problem has been generated to run any process that has interfered with the application. This could be to update the firmware of the phone, for example.

How to fix it?

Luckily, the solution is simple. We are sure that you’ve already tried some of the things that we’re going to say here, as it is the upgrade application, close it completely from the section of settings > applications. And even clear the cache and the data of the application then return to log in and synchronize your mail.

But it is possible that in spite of this you keep having the same problem and follow appear the error Gmail has stopped. What to do in this case? Well, although this might have been effective, it is also possible that the error you are producing Google services. Therefore, what you should really do is make all the previous process, try to uninstall the app if it is possible on your mobile, or if not simply stop it clears cache and data, and then go to settings > applications, scroll to the tab all, and here to locate Services of Google. Delete the cache of the Google services and restart your mobile. Now you should never never have more such problems with Gmail. In any case, if you were to occur, you already know how to solve it. Whatever it is, it should not be something frequent.

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