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Gmail Add-Ons will arrive this 2017

Gmail is, without a doubt, the of the world’s most widely used email client. And although its origins go back to do as many years, the truth is that Google has not stopped working the your e-mail service. It has not stopped launch news. In this 2017 will be Gmail Add-Ons.

Gmail add-ons

Inbox was one of the latest Google to innovate with Gmail. Some users are very happy with Inbox. However, Gmail is still the customer chosen by almost all users. Therefore, that Google continues to work on other roads to improve Gmail. Just announced official of Gmail Add-Ons landing.

These snap-ins are ideal for professional users, but also for all other users.

Gmail Portada

What are Add-ons?

The Add-ons will be from supplements of external services that are integrated into Gmail. But what better way to define and explain what are these add-ons that through some examples.

One of them is using SalesForce, contact professional management platform. When we are viewing an email that have received or are going to send, with The SalesForce add-on we can obtain the information that we have stored those users using the e-mail address we send that e-mail, or who is sending it us. Not only that, but you can also create an additional profile in your SalesForce account for each contact that we don’t have.

As second example can user QuickBooks platform, with which we can easily generate invoices for a particular job. If in our work, we have to send invoices by email on a regular basis, it will be very useful to be able to directly access QuickBooks by pressing a button without leaving Gmail.

When and what services?

Now, at the moment these functions are only available for developers. Along this 2017 these supplements be definitely released so that they can be used by all users. The usefulness of these add-ons will depend mainly on the dedication of different developers to launch their own plug-ins for Gmail. Taking into account how much used Gmail, will not be rare many developers are interested in that application or service has an add-on for Gmail.

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