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GIFs you can send from Gmail with GBoard

Google keyboard will soon be updated and, above all, one of their most fun features with Gmail, the e-mail for excellence application will compatible. And it is that you can send images GIFs directly from the keyboard in an email.

The Gboard, official Google keyboard, increasingly gains more attractive. The latter is one very interesting – and sometimes dangerous-. Interesting because it will combine with the application of email by excellence, Gmail, and dangerous because what you can get from that moment can be, with luck, funny.

And it is one of their more interesting features and that already can take in other applications like WhatsApp, search GIFs, will now be available so we add them in any mail.

GIFs directly in Gmail with Gboard

So say from AndroidPolice, who have already been able to test this application and it works as simple as always. Simply select the option, the GIF that is related to the term that you want to look for (usually in English) and stick it in the mail.

gboard gif en gmail

This new functionality will be present, in particular, in the version of Gmail, which is about to be available on Google Play but if you are impatient and you can not expect to appear, you can always install the APK manually. Remember that in settings you just have to activate the option of installing files from unknown sources to allow it you.

GIFs, perhaps the most classic of Internet back in fashion

And it is that, the GIFs were born on the Internet almost by necessity. At the dawn of the network of networks there are either bandwidth or capacity to process, or streaming that will support videos. This is why these animated images filled the need that had to see moving images (Yes, for what is always Internet also)

With the passage of time they have become one of the most common ways to make laugh, criticize, or give our opinion in a way more or less scathing. And for a while now, they are once again fashionable since applications like WhatsApp or keyboards such as Slash and Gboard put them rapidly available to our most hilarious needs.

Article you can send from Gmail with GBoard GIFs was published in AndroidAyuda.

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