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Gets the mode portrait of iOS 10.1 for iPhone 7 on your Android

Today update is has finally officially launched to 10.1 iOS for the iPhone 7, and along with this comes a novelty that arose next to the smartphone and not reached so far. It is the portrait mode. However, you do not need much less an iPhone to get this feature. Your mobile Android weather you cantake a function like, equal, or even better this.

Mode portrait in Android

7 Plus iPhone was presented with a second Chamber which, in theory, was great for portraits. It has a larger focal, is closer to the subject that photography, and this way is better than a great camera angle as which have almost all mobiles. Along with this Apple announced the portrait mode, which has not reached today alongside iOS 10.1. Any could think that this mode includes thanks to its double camera, but it is not. This way it is nothing more than a setting of software applied to the photograph to blur the background and provide a curious picture depth of field. But as we say, nothing more than an effect that we can apply to any mobile phone or with any image editing program.

iPhone 7 Plus

So, if you have an Android, can achieve this with hundreds and hundreds of applications. Between them, you can use AfterFocus, for example. With this application you can get that blur in the background of the image, perfect for photography of portrait. In fact, you can not only get, but it has many more effects that modify your picture and give a special look, as the case of let the background black and white, and let in color is the subject that you want to make it stand out above all else.

WP-Appbox: AfterFocus (Free, Google Play) →

In definitive, all a series of modifications that us provide much more than simply the mode portrait of iOS 10.1, and that actually us help to get exactly the same effect that have in the iPhone 7 Plus despite not having that second camera whose result not is so determinant.

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