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Gets the Honor 8 with discount thanks to the promotion of vMall

In the last few hours thanks to the Tutto Android page we could know the existence of a code of fully active at the time of writing these lines that will allow you to get the Honor 8 with discount, one of the best terminals in regards to value for money. In this way you can get the sub-brand of Huawei Mobile for less than 370 euros.

All this thanks to the FTU8DNcode, a series of numbers and letters that you can insert in the section of code discount which appears under the terminal once add Honor 8 to vMall basket. Of this way the price is reduces in 30 euros, passing of cost 399 euros to 369 euros, what it converts in an offer too tempting for a terminal of so interesting features at the level of software and hardware.

Honor 8 descuento en vMall

In these moments not can ensure how much time will remain active this code that allows do you with the Honor 8 with discount by what before end it purchase checks that the same is has applied of form correct in the basket of the purchase.

The same code can also be applied to other smartphones in the online store, so both the 7 honour and honour 5 X as the 5 c as the Premium 7 Honor honour can be adquiririse with a discount of 30 euros while the FTU8DN code remains active.

Characteristics of Honor 8

Get the Honor 8 with discount is one of the best deals you’ll find these days within the mobile market. It is a terminal that is notable for presenting a dual rear camera that allows to generate images of the highest quality, as this has been demonstrated these 4 experts in addition to its spectacular internal specifications.

In addition to this exciting camera we are faced a smartphone that includes a 4 GB RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB. All this with a Huawei Kirin 950 processor, high performance manager to operate the entire system.

Honor 8 complete their attractive list of features with a screen Full HD, 5.2 inches, Android 6.0.1 on which appears the layer of customization EMUI 4.0, a front-facing camera’s 8 megapixel ideal for selfies capture, and a generous battery of up to 3.00 mAh.

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