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Get that your mobile look like Super Mario in 16 bit with this pack of icons

The best phones with Android operating system is that we have lots of options to customize it, from very complex options to add an additional battery indicator, to something as simple as using a pack of icons for mobile. In this case, we can for example give you to our smartphone the appearance of Super Mario of 16 bits with the pack of icons PixBit.

A mobile phone that resembles Super Mario in 16-bit

With the pack of icons PixBit can get that your smartphone seem directly inspired in the Super Mario’s 16 bit. And is that basically PixBit not is the pack of icons ideal for a smartphone with a level of resolution high, because if is characterized by something is precisely because each one of those icons are fully pixelated, although of form voluntary, clear. These icons have the appearance of the elements graphics of them video games of 16 bits, by what will be very colorful, although will be impossible use them with a Fund of screen normal. If we want to use these icons, it ideal is that count with a background of screen that also is pixelated. Although it is the ideal icon pack if we for example use an image of a classic video game, as it could be the own Super Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, or any similar.

The most notable problem presented by this pack of icons is the fact that it is very difficult to use with those apps that do not have an icon in this pack of icons. While in other packs of icons you will find adaptations that at least match the appearance of the icons with the special design, the truth is that here there is a big difference between the apps that do not have their own icon and which if, for which we recommend it only to give a special look to your desktop from your mobile phone.

WP-Appbox: PixBit – Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Here you already explain how could use both multiple packs of icons on your Android mobile, something that will also be possible if you are customizing only your desktop with a launcher as Nova Launcher, which will give us the option to switch one to one of the desktop icons.

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