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Get ready for Star Wars Rogue One with Sharp mobile officers

Sharp introduces new mobile officers based on the best-known saga in the history of the science fiction film, Star Wars. New smartphones come on dates selected with a reason clear, start the path towards Star Wars Rogue One, the new film coming month coming to theaters. Choose which side are with Sharpmobile officers.

Dark side or light side

Specifically are two phones that Sharp has launched, one oriented to users more akin to the light side and others for those who have fallen into the dark side of the force. Two new smart phones are the same, and only varies the exterior design of the smartphones. Its technical characteristics are the same, and far from being simply mobile medium range or basic range with the design theme of the saga of the Lightsabers, these two mobile phones could be considered high end. For example, it especially highlights the fact that the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 of 64-bit, quad-core, offering us a great performance, as well as the fact that the camera reaches no less than 22.6 megapixel.

Star Wars Rogue One

Apart from that, the performance of the smartphone will remain in the line of high-end with a 3 GB RAMmemory. As we see, here it is lowered slightly Batten, as also happens with its 5.3 inches, which gives us a good quality with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution pixels, but that does not beyond, as well as with 3,000 mAhbattery, whose autonomy will be good, but not anything of this world.

Star Wars Rogue One just around the corner

Among other noteworthy features we find a very high level of customization, with a mobile phone that will be light or dark depending on the version that we acquire and that will have with the logo of the chosen faction (Empire or rebels) in the rear section of the mobile, being glass, with a metallic frame. In addition to this, their software has many customization, with ringtones Star Wars, emojis based on the film, and animated wallpapers that our mobile becomes the control panel of a TIE fighter if we are imperial or an X-Wing if we rebel. Finally, note that users who purchase this mobile will be able Watch free Star Wars the awakening of the forceup to the year 2020 in their smartphones.

These mobile will be launched in Japan, for the time being on an exclusive basis by the operator SoftBank, and we will see if they arrive in Europe, something that seems unlikely. However, I see that they will soon begin to get releases based on the star on the occasion of Star Wars Rogue One saga.

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