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Get photos like a pro with your mobile (I): shutter speed

Professionals say that it is possible to get high level with a smartphone, if one knows how to get it. By that are going to start with this small series of three articles in which are going to explain them three elements essential in what call exhibition in the photography, and that determine almost all in what terms to get a good photo. We are going to begin speaking of the speed of shutter.

1. manual controls

The first and essential is that our smartphone give us access to these settings, the three main, the shutter speed, ISO, and opening of diaphragm. If is so, is very possible that the application that includes of series the smartphone already we allow modify these settings. To do so, that Yes, it is very likely that we have to activate the manual mode of the camera.

2. What is the shutter speed?

At the time of make a photography, there is a shutter that is opens, leaves pass the light until the sensor, and is closed. There is a shutter speed that determines the time that the shutter will be open, and therefore how much time sensor is going to be capturing the light, or going to be capturing the image that we have before us. Obviously, with a time of shutter top, we found also with a picture more clear, or with more light.

3.-How is measured the speed of shutter?

However, to know exactly identify what speed of shutter are going to use, have that know how often express is this adjustment. In general, it is a fraction of a second. Sometimes can be a second, or even more, but it will see as a fraction of second. That makes that always see something of this type: “1 / 125”, “1 / 250”, that not is another thing that “a second, divided among 250”. The bigger the second number, lesser is the shutter time.


4. how to use the shutter speed in your photos?

That Yes, now comes it important, and is know to us is worth this of the speed of shutter and its different values.

Speed of shutter slow, or very long: suppose that we are going to establish a level of speed of shutter very long, as could be “1 / 20”. This means that the shutter will be open long. It will capture plenty of light. This is perfect in situations of low luminosity, or of night, when the mobile already not captures the sufficient light. But there is also a problem with this. If something moves forward, or we move the mobile, it will capture the motion, and will be shown a photo of “trepidada”, or moved. That means that with very slow speed, we’ll need a tripod. At what speed can we shoot without a tripod? Experiment with your mobile phone to find out.

Perro Pelota

Fast, or very short shutter speed: it can also be useful to use a very fast, or very short shutter speed. For example, “1/1000”. Might what you want to use this type of shutter speed? We have said that the problem of the above is photo items to be moved. If what we want is to freeze items pictured which are in motion, as it could be a pet, or such as children running, we need to shoot very quickly. Again, experiment with your camera to find out what levels are appropriate will be the best.

What is all this?

The exhibition in a photograph is everything. Is can tell that is what determines the level of light with which capture the photo. And the exhibition is influenced by the shutter speed, ISO and aperture opening. We have already spoken of the first item, and throughout this week, we’ll talk about the other two. They are elements that are well known in photography. Any camera gives us the option of using these different settings, but not happened as well with mobile phones until recent times. Now that we have these options, it is good to know what each of those elements, and how to use them, as well as see how they affect our photographs in each case.

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