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Get only the VIP calls ring on your phone with Selective Silence

Calls are the basic function of any mobile phone, whether or not smart. However, it is very overwhelming to hear constant apps notifications tones, WhatsApp entries and even those unknown phone calls. It is at the time of saturation when you decide to silence the phone, but remember you can not because you’re waiting for an important call.

But don’t worry, the app Selective Silence Activate the tone of those calls that you consider important.

It will only sound with the VIPs

The mobile phone is a very useful tool, but is also a huge distraction. The constant sounds threatening your concentration, but there is an application that enables only the sound when you call one of your favorite contacts. His name is Selective Silence and it is an application that you can download for free from the Google Play Store. You don’t need super administrator permissions, so any android user can use it without problems.

The interface that you are nothing but open it is very easy to use. It consists of a box to fill with people VIP of your phone numbers. The downside is that you cannot directly add each contact from your phonebook, but you have to enter them one by one. To expedite something this procedure can copy each number and paste it later into the box. Only then you have to press the button ‘Add’ (or Add) in English so it appears reflected in a list that you can edit to your liking.

Now you just mute your Android smartphone to check if Selective Silence

allows you to make important calls sound even when the terminal is muted. It also works if you change your profile manually or have it set so that the phone does not ring at certain times.

Choose your priority contacts

Another solution is to choose the priority contacts on your phone. This solution is somewhat old, but will allow you to receive notifications of people that matters most to you. Unfortunately, Android function falls somewhat short since it only warns by vibration rather than ignore the turning off sound.

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