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Get apps optimized for the screen 18:9 S8 Galaxy and LG G6

The screens have the Galaxy S8 Samsung and LG G6 are screens other than those of the majority of smartphones on the market. It is so because it is a screen with a ratio 18:9 in height/width ratio, and because of this are higher than normal screens. Its size is not comparable with the rest of the mobile. But now is the moment in which begin to get apps optimized for the screen 18:9 S8 Galaxy and LG G6.

18:9 screen apps

In particular, there are a total of 100 applications which have arrived already optimized for screens 18:9 that have the two large mobile with Android in the market at this time. That means that it begins to have a lot of apps that have already been optimized to work ideally in a screen with this ratio of height/width. To be higher than a standard display screens, mobile interface must change so that elements are not too far or are organized in an illogical way on screen. We keep in mind that even though we have seen many sizes of screen in the world of smartphones: 4.5 inches, 4.7 inch, 5 inch, 5.1 inches, 5.3 inch, 5.5 inch, 5.7 inches; the truth is that all had something in common, and is a screen ratio of 16:9. Thus, on-screen items changing its size according to the size of screen, but on a proportional basis.

LG G6 Negro Blanco Plata

However, in the case of the Galaxy S8 and the G6 LG screen difference is not only in size but also in the height/width ratio, and so that is will need an optimization in the interface of these apps.

It is something essential if we consider that to have happened this evolution in the ratio of screen by manufacturers of the market most relevant mobile screens, it is logical that the rest of the manufacturers go following the same path, at least if they are of those who buy these companies displays. In addition, it is normal that other manufacturers of screens will follow the same path. Luckily, they begin to arrive already apps optimized for this size, so it should not worry necessarily still be necessary a process of adaptation. Being the big mobile the first to count on these screens, the progression will be very fast.

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